Teddy at the masquerade snow sliding at Tahko 20.4.2014

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“Teddy, are you aware, that today is the masquerade snow sliding to celebrate Eastern”, said Mama Bear when we were sitting on the table, enjoying our morning portion of honey. That is so nice; I grinned and immersed myself in my thoughts. A small poem padded along to my muzzle and the jumped to my tongue. The small poem waved her feet, and then flew to the tip of my tongue to dance along it. Then poem picked up speed and shot itself out of my mouth, belting out the following:

“Today is the day I am going
to sledge fine and gently sloping.
Bend down the slope, so thrilling
Let the ski slide,
along with snow’s glide.

At the masquerade the joy is memorable,
No one should be miserable.
Included are many of the characters,
Open the doors for the fairy tales.
You can see the Knight, Princess,
down the slope to ride.
There is also the witch,
broom fastest is which.

It is time to take out the Stiga
and the speed of the large hill to seek,
mouth already has a honey sweet.
So, just go to the hill,
oh what a thrill! ”

Teddy, you are quite in your thoughts, I guess what you’re thinking,” said Mama Bear with a smile. She continued: You have decided to go to the masquerade snow sliding to adventure, right? I woke up from my thoughts and smiled broadly. Mother had guessed correctly.

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