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Hello there behind the screen, nice to meet You!

teddyratsastaa2I am happy, jovial and furry Teddy the bear from Tahko Mountain and I am so merry to get to know with You.  Did You know that I have just woken from my winter sleep and looking for new friends to come with me for adventures to Tahko and nearby neighborhoods. You know, I have come to a conclusion, that adventures are just so much merrier together than alone.  Shared jar of honey is a double joy and all kinds of adventures are nice to share with Your family and friends, right? Therefore You are warmly welcome to Savo area. For that I’m sure, here in Tahko Mountain there is plenty to do and see for different aged adventurers. My snout has sniffed, on this spring here is going by jovial people of Savo, delightful laughter and a large amount of happenings.  Follow my blog about Tahko Mountain, I’m sharing my experience and thoughts with You there. I’m also telling about my teddy bear life, like Teddy the Bear’s adventure passport, my hunt for honey, about family travel, which is especially close to my heart and in general  about Teddy’s life in Tahko Mountain. I wish you come to the adventure with me, and have good time!

With sniffing my snout and happily greeting You,

Yours truly,


Teddy the Bear

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