Family’s holiday adventure starts from FamilyTahko

teddymiettii3Come join Teddy the Bear’s adventure to Tahko holiday resort in Finland!  Teddy the Bear knows which accommodation and activities are the most suitable for Your family.  Hearing children’s laughter at water slide and seeing fast sliding sled makes Teddy the bear very happy. Tahko and its surroundings have a lot to see and do for families with different-aged children.

Families with children are very special quest to the destination selected by Teddy the bear. FamilyTahko’s service providers are ready to serve travelers with children all around the year. FamilyTahko’s accommodation stands out with it’s free, standardized children’ facilities.  All FamilyTahko’s cottages and apartments have a travel cot, high chair, and potty, toilet-ring for children and children’s dishes. They also include some extras for children, like play station or sled for winter games.

Activities are the culmination point of the holidays. Teddy the Bear has made activity guide for the families. Family-friendly activities and destinations give You benefits and discounts by showing Teddy the Bear’s adventure passport which You get when you choose Your accommodation among FamilyTahko’s selection.  The idea behind Teddy the Bear’s adventure passport is to bring out family-friendly activities in Tahko and its surroundings by Teddy the Bear’s treasure map. Visiting the places marked in the Teddy the Bear’s treasure map You get a sticker to Your passport. You earn one sticker when staying at FamilyTahko’s cottages or apartments. Collecting five stickers warrants You a Teddy the Bear themed gift. Return your passport to the reservation point in order to cash Your souvenir.


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